Patient Testimonials

Weight Loss Surgery Transformations & Patient Testimonials

Dr. Prokurat has delivered thousands of operations through the years and has developed a comprehensive plan of care with an individualized approach for every patient. He is a compassionate surgeon with life experiences that give him a unique insight into the challenges that a bariatric patient faces. Here are some of the many successes from his patients.


Ginger L.

I’m 2 years out from surgery now and still holding at or below my goal weight. I reached my goal in 7 months. I’ve learned completely new ways of eating and incorporating exercise into my life.

Eating out is not a problem… I look for protein on the appetizer menu or order the smallest steak available and share what I don’t eat or pack it up for the next meal. I have learned to eat more vegetables than I ate before: I drink kale and spinach green shakes with chunks of fruit thrown in for sweetness; I’ve cut out processed carbs (bread, pasta, rice) for the most part; and I never have to worry about finding something “appropriate” to eat at events. Almonds are my best friends and they’re always in my purse for a quick snack. Even Wawa has good choices… pepperoni with cheese, Muscle Milk 100 protein shakes or other protein snacks. And Chipotle is like heaven; your choice of beans, meat and veggies (with no rice, of course!)

I invested in 2 rounds of sessions with a personal trainer and learned how to exercise to build up my strength and be more physically fit. I’m not afraid of building muscles. I’m “that girl” in the gym grunting as she lifts weights! I go hiking a lot now… something I did before but now it’s so much easier to scramble over rocks.

I have so much more energy and confidence in myself as a result of losing the weight. When I went on job interviews last year, I realized I didn’t feel like I was being judged for my weight. I felt “normal”. And, it’s so much more fun shopping for clothes — deciding between a small or medium instead of 1X or 2X. I even enjoy wearing high heels now – something that I couldn’t do when I was heavier.

I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I could have made for my health and quality of life. And I’m so happy that I found Dr. P to do the surgery. Like so many other testimonials I hear, my only regret is that I waited so long to do it! - Ginger L.


Ginger's Weight Loss Story

Amy D.

This is not an easy decision or journey. Dr. Prokurat was amazing through the whole thing! He explained everything to me, so I could understand what my body would be doing and what I needed to do to make this transition. To be honest, choosing to go through with the surgery was the easy part. Looking back now, I couldn’t be happier with the results. It wasn’t easy by any means. From the day of my surgery I knew I needed to give my all. Within 8 hours of my surgery, I was up and walking around the hospital floor 10 times every 2 hours. The day after the surgery, I went home and walked 1 mile with my roommate. I was not comfortable walking alone for the first week just in case something happened.

The all liquid diet for 2 weeks was probably one of the hardest parts. Your brain will keep telling you that you have to eat solid food, but trust me, the doctors know what they’re talking about. Sugar-free Jello will be your best friend! It tricks your body into thinking it’s eating real food. At first, hitting my protein goals was hard, but if you wake up and “meal prep” every day, you know as long as you eat/drink it all YOU will hit your goal.

Once I moved on to the solid food diet, I made the decision to not eat bread, rice, or pasta. Not easy to do, but I have stuck to it. I noticed I wasn’t eating enough carbs, so I chose to start eating brown and whole grain rice. After 13 months, I still haven’t had bread or pasta, and I think, it has made my progress that much faster. I was very sensitive to sugars and fat. If I had more than 5 grams per serving of either, I would get sick. I learned very quickly what my limits were and never pushed them. It was painful and very uncomfortable, but everyone’s body is different.

EXERCISE!!! I can’t stress this enough. You will want to lay in bed because you’re uncomfortable, but the best thing you can do is get up and do something as simple, as wash some dishes. Walking was my go to exercise for about 3 months. I did a 5k fundraiser 1 month post op. Progress has everything to do with setting mini goals for yourself that have nothing to do with the weight you want to lose. If you get too wrapped up in the weight you’re losing, you are more likely to want to give up when you hit a plateau, rather than fight harder to get more results. With all of the exercise, you need to make sure you are drinking tons of water!!! Once you’re behind on your water intake it is very hard to rehydrated since you can’t chug water anymore.

After 3 months, I started running/jogging an average of 3 miles per day. When I got comfortable with that, I started weight training 3 days per week. Now I am walking about 16 miles 5 days per week and still weight training at least 2 days per week. This is a huge commitment and there are no cheat days. You need to set your diet and stick to it. This is a lifetime change. It’s not a quick fix or the easy way. You need to work at it. There are bumps in the road, but with the willpower and determination you can achieve your goals! - Amy D.


Amy's Weight Loss Story

Joanne N.

Dr. Prokurat has been a Godsend to me. I was at my wits end about my weight and my primary doctor didn’t want to do anything about it. Let’s try a diet. I was 40 and pretty much all diets have failed me. Rather, I have failed every diet I was on. I decided to look into weight loss surgery. Dr. Prokurat was picked from my health insurance website because he took my insurance, was close by and I don’t know why really. All I wanted to do was sit down and talk with him about my options and what surgery would work best for me. I had already picked the lap band….

From the moment I called the office and spoke with Crystal, I felt comfortable. I made an appt and was in to see Dr. Prokurat within a week. I felt immediately at ease with him. Dr. Prokurat made time for my questions and concerns and spoke to me at length about all the surgery options and what I would likely get out of them. We decided that the gastric sleeve would be the best option for me. I think he was right.

My surgery was in September 2011. I am down 183 pounds and have surpassed his goal for me. I have maintained my weight loss for about 2 years. This was the easiest and best decision I have ever made.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Prokurat. He helped give me my life back. Dr Prokurat is a patient and kind man who really has your best interest at heart. I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to be his patient. - Joanne N.


Joanne's Weight Loss Story

Mike K.

I wanted to take the time to share my fantastic feelings around Dr. P and his team. I called Dr.P’s office in a complete panic because the Dr. I was dealing with what out of network and all of sudden my surgery could not be done by him. I spoke with Crystal and she calmed me down and got me in the next day to see Dr. P. First and foremost the comfort level that his staff gave me when I walked in was as if I had known them for years which that in itself was awesome. Then I get to see Dr. P. And from that moment on, I was in good hands and I knew it. He knew I was nervous and never let me doubt that all was going to be ok. Well off we go to surgery. Bam the surgery is done. I wake up to Dr. P talking to me and checking on me to see how all was going. His bed side manner is simply amazing. Never have I met a Dr. who actually cares about his patients in the way Dr. P does. He makes you feel like you are the only one that matters. Does not rush you through talking to him or when you are seeing him. When I was in the hospital I was not feeling well but got assurance from Dr. P that I was going to do great. The compassion this man has for his patients shows in every interaction.

I must have called Crystal a million times after the surgery to get paperwork filled out, to be re-assured I was going to be ok, to talk about foods and liquids. She brought me off of the ledge many times. For that and the treatment I received every single time I call or come in I am thankful for.

Dr. Prokurat, his office manager, Crystal, and the rest of his team are worth their weight in gold. A life changing event for sure that was accompanied by caring people to help me through it. - Mike K.


Mike's Weight Loss Story

Kaneeze F.

Gastric Sleeve | February 15th, 2018

213 lbs to 153 lbs | total of 60 lbs lost

“I have more energy to do things, my blood sugar level is now normal and my confidence level is much higher.” - Kaneeze F.


Kaneeze's Weight Loss Story

Nina N.

Gastric Sleeve | March 15th, 2018

192 lbs to 132 lbs | total of 60 lbs lost

“I am a healthy, active woman whose life has been transformed by good, healthy eating habits, improved health issues and most importantly, my improved personal feelings about myself.” - Nina N.


Nina's Weight Loss Story

Mati P.

Gastric Sleeve | December 30th, 2016

213 lbs to 150 lbs | total of 63 lbs lost

“It has been a big impact on my physical and mental well-being. I can exercise much more, I am able to sit down on the floor and play with my grandchildren, and I love to shop for my new small sized clothes!” - Mati P.


Mati's Weight Loss Story

Karyn R.

Gastric Sleeve | April 3rd, 2014

268 lbs to 185 lbs | total of 83 lbs lost

“For my health, at 57 years old, I was afraid of developing diabetes or heart problems. I have more confidence in myself and I don’t have to hear ‘but you have a pretty face.’ I don’t have to go to the plus size stores anymore and I am no longer embarrassed to go to the gym.” - Karyn R

Karyn's Weight Loss Story

Rayanna R.

Gastric Sleeve | July 13th, 2017

298 lbs to 175 lbs | total of 123 lbs lost

“I have a bad ankle and it has helped me be more comfortable. My health has improved. My self confidence has grown tremendously and I feel good about myself when I go out.

My mom and I have both had the surgery, so she understands. We have been a support for each other which has strengthened the bond that we have.” - Rayanna R.


Rayanna's Weight Loss Story

Viona R.

Gastric Sleeve | March 15th, 2018

289 lbs to 174 lbs | total of 115 lbs lost

“Getting this surgery was a life changing experience! Not only did my physical health improve tenfold, it increased my self confidence, self esteem, and I feel like an all around happier person” - Viona R.


Viona's Weight Loss Story

Ralph R.

Gastric Sleeve | November 13th, 2017

330 lbs to 237 lbs | total of 93 lbs lost

“I am able to run again, sleep more comfortably and I am now off of my blood pressure medications.” - Ralph R.


Ralph's Weight Loss Story

Kelly R.

Gastric Sleeve | March 24th, 2016

246 lbs to 158 lbs | total of 88 lbs lost

“I enjoy social interactions much more than before. I don’t get upset before trying to find something to wear anymore. I love the looks on my children’s faces when I am running a race and they are cheering me on! I feel like a good example. I went to my 20 year high school reunion and not only did I look better than most of the people I went to school with, a lot of them didn’t even recognize me!” - Kelly R.


Kelly's Weight Loss Story

Jessica S.

Gastric Sleeve| February 1st, 2018

256 lbs to 171 lbs | total of 85 lbs lost

“I no longer have joint pain. I am on less medications than I was prior to surgery and I no longer have to shop plus sized!” - Jessica S.


Jessica's Weight Loss Story

Olga V.

Gastric Sleeve | February 22nd, 2018

299 lbs to 145 lbs | total of 154 lbs lost

“Before surgery I had headaches everyday, sleep apnea, and my blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol were extremely high. I couldn't walk because of my back pain and varicose veins. After the surgery, my life changed in so many ways, and I had so many more opportunities. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I am living a normal, much happier and healthier life.” - Olga V.


Olga's Weight Loss Story

Mary Beth W.

Gastric Sleeve | November 30th, 2017

316 lbs to 172 lbs | total of 144 lbs lost

“Surgery has been a gift I gave to myself. It has allowed me to be a participant in my own life instead of watching it from the sidelines; I have become a better version of myself.” - Mary Beth W.


Mary Beth's Weight Loss Story

Melissa L.

Gastric Sleeve | December 6th, 2016

331 lbs to 208 lbs | total of 123 lbs lost

“The surgery, and better yet Dr. Prokurat, have changed my life in many different ways. I can fly on an airplane without a seat belt extension. I can now fit in a booth at a restaurant; I don’t have to ask for a table or even worry what kind of chairs a place has. I can ride all sorts of rollercoasters with my little man now. I missed so much of his childhood since I couldn’t fit and now I am probably more excited than he is. I can now shop on the regular sized side of stores, and even shop online without having to worry about how it will fit or look. I am learning to love myself each and everyday, all my flaws and imperfections, which is a difficult thing to do when you’re hiding all of the time; I no longer have to hide. I am genuinely HAPPY. I can go out and do things without feeling embarrassed of how I look. Dr. Prokurat has changed my life in many more ways than what I have mentioned, I could go on and on. He is kind and caring of his patients, and I really can’t thank him enough for this new life he has helped me achieve. THANK YOU, I am forever grateful to you. I also cannot forget to mention Dr. Volshteyn, who, along with Dr. Prokurat, performed a miracle on my abdomen and removed my skin. It still blows my mind how much that has also changed my life. It brings me to tears.” - Melissa L.


Melissa's Weight Loss Story



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