The first step towards welcoming a new, healthier you, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Prokurat at our state-of-the-art NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions. The preparation for gastric sleeve procedure starts much ahead of the actual surgery, where our team of multi-disciplinary specialists offer the best support to boost your confidence and achieve optimal outcomes.

Our team of weight loss experts work closely with you at every step with a holistic approach aimed at bringing about positive changes in mind and body. If you are in need of a gastric sleeve, New Jersey Advanced Surgical Solutions is the choice for you.

man being seen about gastric sleeve in new jersey
man being seen about gastric sleeve in new jersey


  • Expert guidance from our highly trained psychologist that involves thorough evaluation and assessment.
  • Professional nutrition and lifestyle change guidance from the registered dietitian that you will need to follow prior to and post the procedure to ensure you get all the nutrients you need at all times. Our dietitian will help plan the pre-operative fluid diet that you will be required to follow for a week prior to the procedure.
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of cardiovascular, pulmonary, an gastrointestinal health. This is a crucial step that enables Dr. Prokurat to determine the best course of treatment for optimal safety and outcomes.
  • Support groups that enable you to tackle mental and emotional changes and challenges that come with weight loss surgery and lifestyle change.
  • Long term support post-surgery to help you stay motivated, healthy and stress free!


On the day of surgery our friendly team of healthcare professionals at NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions welcome you to help you overcome any anxiety or nervousness you have about the procedure. As the leading facility for thousands of patients receiving a gastric sleeve New Jersey Advanced Surgical Solutions’ support staff have helped guide countless patients through to a successful and safe surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery is carried out using a general anesthetic. The minimally invasive procedure is performed using keyhole surgery and laparoscope. The entire procedure could take between one to two hours.

Your surgeon makes multiple small cuts in the stomach region to insert a thin, long telescope known as a laparoscope that has a camera lens and light attached. The laparoscope also has various instruments that are required to cut out part of your stomach. After the removal of a major part of the stomach, the pouch is closed with staples.


When you wake up post-surgery, you will be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, starting first with water. It is important to gradually ease your body into handling food and drink, you would not want to start out with a carbonated drink or spicy food. On this first post-op day you are encouraged to walk after a few hours as well.

You will be on clear liquids and water on the first day of surgery to help you stay hydrated. You will also be given pain medications if needed along with other prescription medications if necessary. Your diet will slowly progress from entirely liquids to semi-solids and solids in a phased manner as planned by our registered dietitian. You will also be required to take prescribed vitamins, proteins and other supplements on a regular basis.

It may take up to four weeks to transition to solid foods that should include protein rich, low fat foods. Regular follow-up is the most crucial aspect of your recovery. Our supportive staff will schedule appointments for follow up during the first appointment. The first appointment will generally be one week after your procedure. We will schedule multiple appointments throughout the first year to ensure your health and weight loss is on track and that you are feeling great physically and emotionally.

Follow ups are also the best opportunities to address any challenges you have with the help of our highly trained support staff. Weight loss surgery can be a lifesaving procedure for people dealing with serious illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, joint or bone conditions and asthma among others.


At NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions your candidacy is assessed by Dr. Prokurat, taking all factors into consideration. As the most highly reputed gastric sleeve New Jersey surgeon in the Freehold, Hamilton and Central New Jersey areas, Dr. Prokurat has successfully transformed lives with wide-ranging general surgical and gastric sleeve procedures.

Weight loss surgery, such as the gastric sleeve, has helped many achieve healthier weight while addressing comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, high cholesterol and certain respiratory illnesses. A meta-analysis comprising of 136 studies involving 22,000 patients found 86% of bariatric surgery patients experienced improvement or resolution of type 2 diabetes.

Our team of highly qualified and trained experts at NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions offer continued support and guidance prior to and post gastric sleeve surgery. With every detail of every step involved in the procedure explained, our multi-disciplinary team offers comprehensive solutions with respect to nutritional management and lifestyle modification.


Contact NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions today and get on the road to happiness and vitality.


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