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Did you recently lose an extreme amount of weight but are now left with loose and sagging skin? Or are you considering undergoing bariatric surgery but are worried about post-operative loose skin? There are several different ways that you can have excess skin trimmed from your body after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Even though many people think of loose skin as a cosmetic problem, post-operative loose and sagging skin also has health consequences. Medically, loose skin tends to cause discomfort, rashes and chafing. So most doctors recommend that this extra skin be removed if it can be done in a safe and effective way.

Body Contouring

When dealing with loose and sagging skin following weight loss surgery, many patients turn to body contouring procedures so that their skin becomes tighter, and they achieve a slimmer profile.

If you have undergone bariatric surgery and are left with loose skin, body contouring can help with the following areas:


Medically known as abdominoplasty, abdominal body contouring involves the removal of excess skin and tightening of abdominal muscles to help your entire abdominal area appear sleeker and tighter.

There is even a related procedure called a lower body lift in which your surgeon can go all the way around your body to remove excess skin after your weight loss procedure.


Breast surgery can be used to remove loose and sagging skin found in the chest area. The procedure is much like a breast lift procedure for women. Some patients also improve the shape of their breasts by getting breast implants at this time.

Upper Arms

Following weight loss surgery, some patients are left with deflated underarms – a condition popularly known as “bat wings.” Surgeries are available to correct loose and sagging skin found on the upper arms, although the surgery will leave a scar.


Excess skin found on the thighs can also be removed, although this is sometimes a more complex procedure. There are different considerations based upon the location of the loose skin and how heavy your thigh is. These considerations will also determine where the scar will be visible.

Can I have all of these procedures performed at the same time?

Some of the procedures can be performed at the same time, although those with lower body mass indexes (BMI) make the best candidates.

In most cases, surgeons perform the various procedures to eliminate post-procedure loose skin in multiple stages. Each stage of the process will require several months to recover.

Is body contouring the same as CoolSculpting?

No. Both procedures are very different. Body contouring removes loose and sagging skin, while CoolSculpting targets small, stubborn areas of fat using controlled cooling.

Your Consultation

There is no reason to have permanently loose skin following weight loss surgery. You have undergone a significant amount of time and expense to get closer to the look that you desire, so make sure that you follow up by thoroughly exploring your treatment options for loose skin in a consultation with your surgeon.

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