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  1. You shall not consume foods that are primarily simple carbohydrates and lacking of nutrients (i.e. chips, white bread, pasta).
  2. You shall walk and try to reach a goal of 10,000 daily steps. 
  3. You shall eat protein, vegetables, and moderate amounts of fruits and/or whole grains as your primary source of calories. 
  4. You shall not drink your calories. You shall not drink soda. 
  5. You shall chew each bite 25-30 times and be aware of the signs of fullness. 
  6. You shall be prepared for emotional struggles and plan to overcome without comfort foods. 
  7. You shall not gauge your success on a scale or your happiness on a number. 
  8. You shall take your vitamins and minerals daily for the rest of your life to prevent deficiencies. 
  9. You shall not eat food and drink fluids at the same time. 
  10. You shall have a support system. Friends, family, or welcome yourself to our support groups!

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