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Be prepared

Start your meal with protein first, then have a small portion of “what you desire”- Pie or Potatoes, Stuffing or Appetizers

Start your day off right

Start the day with a protein filled breakfast. Don’t skip meals planning for the big feast.

Gauge your fullness

Pay attention to how full you are getting.

Light to Comfortable Fullness Over-fullness
Feeling of satisfaction or relief like; Ah I’m not
hungry anymore
Realizing you didn’t need those last few bites
Peacefulness Very full feeling; discomfort or pain in the stomach; feeling stuffed
No more stomach pang or twinges Need to loosen clothing
Feeling like you don’t need any more food Fatigue or sleepiness
Food starts to taste less good  Food is substantially less tasty

Eat slowly

Engage in conversation with friends and family. Put the fork down.

Avoid clean plate syndrome

Stop when you’re comfortable. Remember to leave something on the plate.


Play with the kids or go for a walk after dinner

Wait 30 minutes before having second helpings

Usually there are plenty of leftovers. You can always plan on having what you missed the day after the holiday but if you want to indulge … give it 30 minutes to allow your stomach to tell your brain “you’re full”

Don’t feel guilty

Holidays come around once a year. Enjoy! The only one that suffers if you overeat is you. Move on and go back to basics at the very next meal.

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