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Are you thinking about having a Da Vinci Heller Myotomy to treat your esophageal problem, but you’re not sure what to anticipate during the recovery period? Not to worry! We’re on hand to provide you with professional advice and guidance.

While these are just general steps, we’ll provide you with some useful advice on what to expect during your post-surgery rehabilitation in this article.

What To Expect During The First Few Days After Surgery

There are a few things to expect following this type of surgery. To ensure a safe and comfortable recovery after a Da Vinci Heller Myotomy operation, your doctor may recommend that you spend a few days in the clinic. At this time, your medical team will closely monitor your progress and will administer painkillers as required. They will also provide suggestions for dietary limitations, such as a soft or liquid diet for the first several weeks.

To help your body recuperate correctly after you leave the clinic, you must continue adhering to a rigorous eating regimen. This may include refraining from eating things that can aggravate the surgical site, such as spicy or acidic meals, and gradually reintroducing solid foods over a period of weeks. To promote a speedy recovery, your doctor will also give you detailed instructions and track your progress.

Exercising After Da Vinci Heller Myotomy

After a Da Vinci Heller Myotomy procedure, it’s extremely important to relax and let your body heal, but it’s also crucial to gradually build up your physical activity while you recover. Walking or stretching may be suggested by your doctor as gentle exercise, with intensity and duration progressively increasing over time. But until you’ve fully recovered, it’s crucial to avoid strenuous activities like heavy weightlifting or vigorous cardio.

Nutrition After a Myotomy Surgery

As you move on to the next steps of your recovery and bariatric weight loss therapy, it’s important to keep the changes you’ve made to your food and increase the amount of physical exercise you do. This will help you hit your weight loss goals. Your doctor will make a meal plan for you that takes into account your specific wants and tastes.

Along with making changes to your food, you may be told to start a workout plan that includes both exercise and strength training. As long as you follow your doctor’s advice and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle, you can make great progress after surgery.

Importance of Post-Procedure Care

It’s crucial to show up for all planned follow-up visits with your medical team after a Da Vinci Heller Myotomy procedure. Your doctor will keep track of your development throughout these visits, provide advice on dietary and lifestyle modifications, and address any worries or potential issues with you during that time. To ensure a rapid and appropriate response from your doctor, it’s critical to immediately report any symptoms or problems you notice right away.

Learn About Your Next Steps with Our NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions Team

Our medical experts, along with our highly qualified doctor are there to help you every step of the way. Please give us a call or fill out a contact form and we’d be happy to offer you guidance throughout your Da Vinci Heller Myotomy recovery process.

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