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During the month of May, people around the world recognize Better Sleep Month, an annual event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to the well-being of your body and mind, yet many individuals struggle to achieve this.

In this post, we’ll go through the value of sleep and how it pertains to weight loss, and then provide suggestions for nutrition and possible treatment to help you get the best sleep possible.

What Is Better Sleep Month?

The goal of the month-long May project called Better Sleep Month is to urge individuals to prioritize their sleep while promoting good sleep practices. It is intended to increase understanding of the significance of obtaining adequate sleep and the harmful consequences of sleep deprivation. Organizations and people alike promote the advantages of sleep during Better Sleep Month, provide advice on how to sleep better, and share resources for raising the standard of sleep.

What Is the Value of Sleep in Weight Loss?

A healthy weight can only be maintained with enough sleep. Your body generates more of the hormone ghrelin, which increases hunger, and less of the hormone leptin, which tells your brain that you are full, when you don’t get enough sleep. Overeating and weight gain may result from this. In addition, your metabolism might be affected by sleep deprivation, which makes it more difficult to lose weight in the long-run.

How Can Our Medical Experts Help During Better Sleep Month?

Our medical professionals are available to provide guidance and assistance in order to facilitate improved sleep. The formation of a regular sleep pattern, the development of a relaxing routine to follow before going to bed, and the maintenance of a pleasant resting environment are all essential aspects to take into consideration.

In addition to this, the quality of one’s diet has a significant impact on their ability to sleep. Our specialists are able to provide nutritional recommendations, such as including foods high in minerals that promote restful sleep in one’s diet and avoiding coffee and heavy meals in the hours leading up to bedtime.

Surgical weight reduction may also be an option for those who are battling with obesity and the health problems that come along with it. This procedure may help improve sleep quality by relieving pressure on the chest and abdomen, alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring, and improving overall health and quality of life.

Learn More About Better Sleep Month with Our NJ Advanced Surgical Solutions Experts

Sleep is crucial for sustaining both physical and mental health, and Better Sleep Month is the ideal time to focus your sleep and implement changes that can enhance the quality of your nights’ rest. You may boost your quality of sleep and general health by developing good sleep habits, including foods that promote sleep in your diet, and, if necessary, thinking about weight reduction surgery.

To learn more about Better Sleep Month and how you can make some healthy changes to your lifestyle, give our experts a call or fill out a contact form and we would be happy to get you on the right track!

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