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It is possible to “fall back” from your goals towards a healthier lifestyle and mental health recovery if you are not careful. While specialists can help you start the journey, you have a major role to play in achieving success.

For instance, if you are on a weight loss mission, bariatric surgery could be an ideal starting point. However, you must develop positive strategies to assist you to create a positive and healthy lifestyle even after recovery. The following strategies will help you avoid “falling back” from your goals.

1. Make Your Commitment

Excess weight can lower your self-esteem and at times cause you mental unease or depression at worst. Therefore, taking the first step to losing weight is a significant achievement.

However, it calls for extra commitment to realize success even after weight loss surgery. You must commit yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle for the benefit of your mental and overall well-being. The following are some commitments you need to make:

  • Adhering to the diet routine your doctor outlines for you
  • Exercising at least once every day
  • Avoiding habits that can hinder you from achieving your goal
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms that can power you through stressful situations

2. Identify an Internal Source of Motivation

Find out the personal reason why you want to undertake the process. Afterward, identify a source of motivation that will make you want to pull through the entire process amidst challenges and achieve a healthier life. The following are some internal motivations that can power you through:

  • Desire to achieve proper mental health
  • Relationships; family and friends
  • Pursuing your hobbies
  • Attaining physical goals

3. Make Your Goals Smart

Making good goals will make it easier to achieve them. As you reach certain milestones in your journey, the goals might change slightly, but that will be okay. Medical experts advise patients to set SMART goals to achieve them. Such goals must bear the following characteristics:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

4. Find Your Happiness

As you go through the journey, you will encounter new friends, activities, and probably new foods. Try to identify your enjoyment from these new findings. If you must get rid of some old habits and relationships to be happy and attain your goal, then take the risk. Moreover, you can retain relationships and habits that assist you in your journey. In addition, it would help you open your mind to new opportunities as they come.

5. Stay Active Always

Physical activity goes a long way to help with weight loss and general mental well-being better than your doctor’s prescriptions. You can adopt ways to lead a more active lifestyle, for instance, you may consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator for a start. In addition, identify your active hobbies such as dancing, hiking, biking, or swimming, and create a schedule for them.

It takes small steps to start realizing changes in your weight loss journey. However, it requires that you keep your focus on the goal otherwise temptations will make you “fall back” from the goals.

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